How to Become A Volunteer Firefighter : Basic Steps You Should Take

Only special people have big heart to become a volunteer firefighter, are you one of them? If you have arrived in this page, you are certainly interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter. This is a calling that it takes special person to answer it, people of all ages are welcome to improve their local firefighter community. One of good ways to give back or server you community is by applying to become your city volunteer firefighter, but before that, you need to know several facts about this job field.

Although as a volunteer firefighter you probably won’t receive any salary, it doesn’t mean the requirements would be a lot less compared to a career firefighter. It takes dedication and hard training to become a firefighter, if you are willing to spend your time and effort to help others in need, then there are many firefighter departments which are open for you. Although you won’t get paid, the department allows you to get reimbursement, this usually a small amount of tax-free money for your time spent on shifts or responding calls.

In this article, we’ll explain the basic steps you need to take if you want to become a volunteer firefighter.

How to Become A Volunteer FirefighterFirst of all, like we said above, you need to commit your time and effort to make it as a firefighter. You need not just few hours, but hundred of hours to focus on your training and give your 100 percent commitment to the service. When we said that there were many firefighter departments that you could submit your application, it means not all departments open for volunteers. This decision is depend on the government rules or city population.

You need to contact your local fire service agency for more information. If you want to make a call, please only use non-emergency number and politely ask to speak with the station officer. You can request information or detail requirements on applying to become a volunteer firefighter, make sure you get the information on what your next step should be. We believe that this station officer will guide you to the best resources or department that can help you out. In fact, some departments allow you to ride along on their machinery to help in making the right decision whether you still want to join as a volunteer firefighter or not.

How to Become A Volunteer FirefighterEach department usually has its own requirements and qualifications when it comes to accept a volunteer firefighter. You will be asked to complete all application along with some background check. The age requirement actually is different for each department, some even allow younger members to apply as junior volunteer firefighters. You should also be ready to commit your time each month, different department requires different minimum number of volunteer hours each month.

After approving your application, the department will conduct a training program for you and a physical test. The minimum requirement of this training program would be 110-hour NFPA-certified course, however, the length of this program could be vary. It’s important to finish this training as part of qualifications to become a volunteer firefighter.

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